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Mrs SP, 73yo
Total Hip Replacements

I am doing very well in my recovery from my left hip operation on 15th March , I’m so grateful to you.

I am able to walk 2 or 3 miles without any discomfort even in Pembrokeshire on Holiday on the cliff path which was up and down was fine. I think I just need to build up my stamina again which I am working on.

I am a good example of your wonderful skills for both my hips and I thank you very much.

Total Hip Replacement

Six months on and thanks to you I have achieved all the targets I set myself before the operation. Flexibility, stamina, pace, blood pressure etc and above all sleep, glorious sleep, for me a life changer. The last six months have been the longest period without pain for thirty years. Thank you.

My wife and I would like to thank and express our appreciation of your secretary for her understanding, compassion and efficiency.

My thanks also go to your rapid recovery team. The very able nurses, the redoubtable ladies of the “Night Watch”, the patience of the lovely Lorraine, who at last taught me my left foot from my right, the humour of the self styled room service, the cheerful optimism of the cleaning lady and the thorough professionalism of the physiotherapist.

For my part, after a false start, I was determined not to add to the work load and where possible, reduce it. I found your approach motivating and perhaps even challenging.

In the absence of a volunteer Consultant to run a marathon, Sept/Oct saw my wife and l walking the Cornish Coastal path.(tea shirts and trainers) The weather was glorious, the scenery as ever magnificent and if I had that perfect day to give to you, I would have been spoilt for choice.

My wife joins me in wishing you, your team and those close to you a great Christmas and a healthy New Year.

Hip replacement and Bilateral knee replacements

Dear Mr. Houlihan-Burne, Today I attended the Joint Replacement clinic it being two years on from when you carried out partial knee replacement on both my knees. To say that the knees, and indeed the hip re-surfacing you did in 2007, have been successful is, if anything, an understatement. The surgery has massively enhanced my quality of life. In fact I said to the senior physiotherapist who saw me today, that I am just hugely grateful that your path and my path crossed! .`I would like you to know how lucky I consider myself to have been to have had you to do major surgical work which has enabled me to carry on with life much as I always have done despite advancing years.

Mrs JR
Total Hip Replacement

I thought you might like to see a photo of my wife walking on holiday 15 months after you performed a hip replacement!

Total Hip Replacement

Mrs LL
Total Hip Replacement

Although I had every faith in your expert capabilities and surgical expertise, when you performed my first hip replacement a year ago I was still apprehensive aof the outcome and the recovery time. Again three months ago when I had my second hip replacement I was still a little apprehensive and thought perhaps I would not be able to recover so quickly and as well as the first time. I must say how wrong I was to have any concerns. I am now totally pain free and completely mobile like my old self a few years ago. I cannot thank you and your team enough for giving me my life back. If I did have a "third hip" I would have no hesitation to have this replaced tomorrow; the rapid recovery programme most definitely works. I am now back to the dance floor and enjoying a good night's sleep and no more pain killers. Thank you so much.

Mrs EC
Total Hip Replacement, 2012

My right hip joint was replaced in December 2012 , using an epidural injection. To my amazement, I was standing and walking on two sticks by early evening. Pain control was well managed with medication, I was given exercises to do in and out of bed, I walked with the physiotherapists each day, and was going up and down stairs with sticks on the third day. I returned home with exercises and only needing two sticks after three nights. Beforehand, the thought of the operation was extremely daunting, but in reality, the whole experience went very smoothly. Although the next three or four weeks proved quite challenging, my recovery went well to the extent that I am driving and carrying out all my usual activities completely pain free.

Total hip Replacement, 2012

I would like to thank you for the work you carried out for my hip replacement just over a year ago.  When I think back to how I was before and how I am now there is no other description than life changing.  So thank you for your skill and above all your professionalism.

Also all of your colleagues involved in the procedure can only be described as exemplary.

Total Hip Replacement 21.2.12

Having lived in a lot of pain for nearly two years with an arthritic hip, I was only able to walk with the aid of a walking stick. Time had come for me to visit Mr Houlihan-Burne who suggested a total hip replacement. With nervous trepidation I underwent an operation by spinal anaesthetic. I entered the operating theatre at 10am and was back in my bed by 12noon. I had no pain whatsoever and in the afternoon was up and walking. 48 hours later I was home, able to climb the stairs and walk with crutches. Two weeks later I was walking without any aid. I cannot fault this amazing way of surgery which has enabled me to enjoy a life free of pain and has given me back my quality of life. Thank you to all involved in my rapid recovery.

76 yo
Total Hip Replacement 2011

I would like to write a paragraph for your website. It's the least I can do to thank you for the way you looked after me with my recent hip operation. Having never been in hospital in my 75 years, I was very nervous about having a new hip operation. I did not need to worry however and the whole package of treatment I received was friendly, honest and very professional. I was made to feel very cared for the whole time. Above all I am confident I had one of the best surgical teams available. I believe my other hip will at some time also need attention. If so, this experience has removed any doubts I might otherwise have had. Once again many thanks for all your help and expertise. This week I had a hole in one and shot 42 points and wouldn't have done that without your help.

Mrs RL
Total Hip Replacement

I had a total hip replacement at Bishops Wood Hospital this year. Quick recovery was of great importance to me, since I am the sole carer for my husband. The operation went very, very well. The team in the theatre were fantastic and my recovery was swift. I left hospital after 3 days and was driving by 6 weeks. I have completely forgotten I have a new hip, my walking is prefect and I can't thank you enough.

Mrs F.S
Total Hip Replacement.

..just over 6 weeks, I underwent hip replacement sugery.....I would like to express my gratitude to yourself, all those concerned and the N.H.S. for giving me the oppurtunity to once again lead a 'normal', active life. Many thanks.

Age 79. Total Hip Replacement

The great hip replacement venture began�everything proceeded smoothly with a stress free and completely painless epidural anaesthetic�I can recall nothing but constant and entirely successful attention to keep me pain free�.after 4 peaceful nights I was on my way home.

Mr R E
Age 73 , Total Hip Replacement

'A year ago I had an operation to replace my hip. It was a complete success, pain free and I became mobile again almost immediately. I now enjoy a fully active life and have virtually forgotten the operation, thanks to David'

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